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Adds 38 Supreme Commander 2 themed cards to the game. Card art WIP. Check out SC2 on Steam if you like RTS: and be sure to buy the DLC too! :)

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BepInEx pack for ROUNDS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1900
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This is a helpful utility for ROUNDS modders aimed at simplifying common tasks.

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Utilities aimed at making modding easier and more accessible

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MonoMod Runtime Hooks generated for ROUNDS

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Willis' amazing modding utilities

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A collection of all the fundamental game patches

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Patches the game so that Gun.ProjectileSize actualy works

Preferred version: 1.1.2


Supcom2Cards by Alphahex

Card art made by Krawl

If you have any suggestions or find bugs, feel free to contact me on discord: @alphahex

I receive messages from people I share servers with so maybe instead of sending a friend request just temporarily join: or

Check out SC2 on Steam if you like RTS: and be sure to buy the DLC too! :)


  • Afterburn: Blocking doubles your Movement Speed for a few seconds
  • Buhbledow: Dealing damage to somebody halfs the current recharge of their block meter unless full
  • Bomb Bouncer: Damage you take will be released in a big explosion next block
  • Chrome Shield: Automatically blocks before taking damage if block cooldown allows it
  • Cluster Bomb: Bullets create tiny explosions after impact
  • Colossus: Ridiculous health boost at the cost of your movement speed, jump height and block cooldown
  • Crahdow: Increased DMG against players in mid-air
  • Darkenoid: Insane DMG and ATKSPD boosts, but YOU CAN ONLY FIRE STRAIGHT DOWN
  • Disruptor: Bullets stun players near anything they hit
  • Dynamic Power Shunt: Faster block recharge when standing still
  • Fatboy: Lots of buffs, but YOU CANNOT FIRE WHILE MOVING
  • Fistoosh: Massive buffs to Reload time, ATKSPD, Bullet speed
  • Half Baked: Block buffed, but has a chance to fail
  • Harden: Blocking boosts your ATKSPD and Bullet speed for a few seconds
  • Harvog: Extra bullet and less Reload time
  • Hunker: Increase block duration but move slower while blocking
  • Jackhammer: Standing still grants huge buffs to DMG & HP
  • Jump Jets: Allows you to fly after jumping
  • Loyalist: Massive AMMO and ATKSPD increase at the cost of your DMG and HP
  • Magnetron: Blocking can push or pull (and damage on contact) enemies depending on where you aim before blocking (up/down)
  • Megalith: Continuously burn visible enemies with 2 lasers
  • Overcharge: Blocking boosts your DMG, ATKSPD and makes bullets explode for a few seconds but large block cooldown increase
  • Poseidon: Buckshot but not useless
  • Pulinsmash: Damaging enemies teleports them in your direction
  • Quantum Force Blast: A lot of Knockback, less DMG
  • Quantum Sponge: Taking damage will partially recharge your block cooldown
  • Radar Jammer: Enemy guns are less accurate while you're alive
  • Rate of Fire: Simple ATKSPD upgrade
  • Recycler: Every hit steals enemy bullets
  • Rock Head: +100% DMG at the cost of Bullet speed
  • Rogue Nanites: Blocking heals 25% HP once per block
  • Shotja: Bullets travel WAY faster and also ignore gravity at the cost of some HP
  • Stacked Cannons: Fire your entire clip instantly
  • Super Triton: Bullet hitbox increased dramatically, more DMG, less ATKSPD
  • Titan: Movement speed and jump height increased at the cost of some HP
  • TML: Shoot pairs of bullets that ignore gravity and travel in straight lines at the cost of your ATKSPD
  • Training: +50% HP and +50% DMG when you don't know what else to pick
  • Urchinow: More HP at the cost of Bullet spread
  • Veterancy: Every enemy kill permanently boosts your DMG/HP by 20% (+100% max per card)
  • Wilfindja: Friendly drones follow you around and damage enemies



  • Card art updated
  • Rebalanced Magnetron (increased push/pull, increased DMG range)


  • Cards added back: Recycler (map-wide Life steal -> AMMO steal on hit)
  • Fixed starting without block ready with Dynamic Power Shunt
  • Fixed being silenced when round starts with Half Baked
  • Fixed Jump Jets not being full when round starts
  • Fixed Magnetron pull/push issues
  • Rebalanced Harvog (+1 Bullets -> +1 Bursts)


  • Cards added: Rate of Fire
  • Card art updated
  • Fixed Harvog increasing Bursts instead of Bullets
  • Rebalanced Cluster Bombs (10 explosions -> 7)
  • Rebalanced Jackhammer (+300% DMG -> +200%, +150% HP -> +200%)
  • Rebalanced Stacked Cannons (Infinite ATKSPD removed, +6 Bullets/AMMO instead)


  • Cards added: Half Baked
  • Updated Chrome Shields to work with Half Baked
  • Fixed Chrome Shields activating when silenced
  • Rebalanced Wilfindja (Uncommon -> Rare)
  • Updated Afterburn sound
  • Updated Chrome Shields sound
  • Updated Cluster Bomb sound
  • Updated Harden sound
  • Updated Jackhammer sound
  • Updated Jump Jets sound
  • Updated Overcharge sound
  • Updated Pulinsmash sound
  • Updated Quantum Force Blast sound
  • Updated Rogue Nanites sound


  • Rebalanced: Harvog (-50% Reload time -> -30%)
  • Rebalanced: Hunker (No longer stackable)


  • Cards added: Harvog
  • Rebalanced: Bomb Bouncer (+200% Charge -> +150%)
  • Rebalanced: Buhbledow (-25% DMG -> -15%)
  • Rebalanced: Chrome Shields (+30% HP)
  • Rebalanced: Cluster Bombs (-25% DMG -> +25% DMG, Explosion DMG now scales)
  • Rebalanced: Hunker (+50% Block CD removed, +30% HP)
  • Rebalanced: Quantum Sponge (75% Recharge -> 50%, +30% HP)
  • Rebalanced: Rock Head (-33% Bullet speed -> -20%)
  • Rebalanced: Rogue Nanites (only activates once, +30% HP)
  • Rebalanced: Urchinow (+0.5s Block Cooldown)
  • Standardized capitalization in card stats


  • Cards added: Crahdow
  • Cards added: Urchinow
  • Card fixed: Darkenoid (Radar Shot would permanently remove firing limitations)
  • Rebalanced: Megalith (+50% HP, -25% ATKSPD, lasers have less DPS)
  • Rebalanced: Stacked Cannons (extra AMMO, more Reload time)
  • Card art updated


  • Card fixed: Super Triton (GunProjectileSizePatch was missing)


  • Cards added: Rock Head
  • Cards reworked: Fatboy (garbage tier -> S tier)
  • Cards reworked: Jackhammer (massive buffs when standing still)
  • Rebalanced: Bomb Bouncer (increased Max charge, faster charging)
  • Rebalanced: Colossus (less HP, more Movement speed)
  • Rebalanced: Fistoosh (How strong do I need to make this for people to pick it?)
  • Rebalanced: Harden (+100% ATKSPD -> +200%)
  • Rebalanced: Quantum Force Blast (DMG nerf removed)
  • Rebalanced: Titan (+40% Movement speed -> +50%)
  • Rebalanced: Training (+25% HP & DMG -> +50%)
  • ATKSPD descriptions changed to match vanilla (-300% ATKSPD makes no sense but that's how devs want it so...)
  • Cards removed: Radar Jammer (had issues through pick phases / rehosting)


  • Card art updated
  • Cards removed: Veterancy (Until ModdingUtils.MonoBehaviours is fixed)


  • Fixed Bomb Bouncer description


  • Cards removed: Proto Brain (My brain is too smooth to make this buggy card work and nobody wants to help)
  • Cards reworked: Bomb Bouncer (Incoming damage released next block as explosion)
  • Rebalanced: Bomb Bouncer (Rare -> Uncommon)
  • Rebalanced: Fistoosh (+50% DMG -> +100% DMG)
  • Rebalanced: Hunker (+50% Block Cooldown added)
  • Rebalanced: Radar Jammer (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Rebalanced: Rogue Nanites (25 HP heal -> 25% of max HP heal)
  • Rebalanced: Wilfindja (+15% Movement Speed boost removed)
  • Wilfindja also looks SIGNIFICANTLY cooler when stacked


  • Cards added: Wilfindja
  • Cards removed: Recycler (Until polished)
  • Fixed Megalith laser thickness not changing with multiple lasers locked on 1 target
  • Rebalanced: Megalith (DPS 10% of owner HP -> 10 + 5% of target HP, -60% ATKSPD removed)


  • Fixed Proto-Brain not working half the time (not really)


  • Cards added: Proto-Brain
  • Fixed hidden -30% Block cooldown stat on Bomb Bouncer


  • Cards added: Bomb Bouncer
  • Added a custom fuel bar to Jump Jets
  • Cards removed: Nuke (no way to balance this)


  • Cards added: Jump Jets, Pulinsmash
  • Cards renamed: Knockback -> Quantum Force Blast
  • Fixed block meter not being full on round start with Dynamic Power Shunt
  • Rebalanced: Quantum Force Blast (-25% DMG)


  • Cards added: Fatboy, Fistoosh, Knockback
  • Rebalanced: Stacked Cannons (AutoFire disabled)


  • Rebalanced: Super Triton (no longer stackable)
  • Rebalanced: Quantum Sponge (60% -> 75%)


  • SimpleAmount stats added
  • Rebalanced: Buhbledow (halfs block meter instead of resetting to zero)


  • Megalith: Uncommon -> Rare
  • Recycler: Uncommon -> Rare
  • Recycler nerf
  • Small optimizations


  • Fixed Darkenoid + Shields Up exploit
  • Small optimizations on game load


  • Fixed effects persisting on Rematch


  • Cards added: Dynamic Power Shunt, Hunker
  • Small optimizations and fixes


  • Fixed effects like Veterancy only lasting a single life (v1.1.3 bug)
  • Updated Recycler with visuals


  • Card art updated
  • Small optimizations and fixes


  • Fixed Veterancy breaking DealtDamage actions on other cards (example: Scavenger stops working)
  • Fixed ridiculous Jackhammer explosion size
  • Rebalanced: Veterancy (20% -> 15%)


  • Card art updated
  • Cards added: Megalith, Veterancy
  • Cards removed: Field Engineer (it kept causing issues and nobody used it anyway)
  • Fixed Titan giving you 25% HP instead of -25% (oops xd)
  • Fixed Radar Jammer effect not going away after death
  • Fixed random number generators potentionally causing desync (example: every person having different cluster bomb explosions)
  • Rebalanced: Cluster Bomb, Darkenoid, Jackhammer, Magnetron, Radar Jammer, Stacked Cannons
  • ATKSPD stats changed from vanilla style that make no sense (example: -300% ATKSPD-> 25% ATKSPD)


  • Fixed none of the HP stats applying (v1.0.9 bug)


  • DO NOT USE - MAJOR BUG! None of the HP stats apply, fixed in v1.1.0
  • Card art updated
  • Fixed Harden applying extra bullet speed on every block
  • Fixed HP stats being applied incorrectly nope, broke it instead
  • Rebalanced: Colossus, Field Engineer


  • Cards added: Aterburn
  • Fixed Overcharge using Harden stats for its duration
  • Rebalanced: Super Triton, Titan


  • Rebalanced: Colossus, Magnetron


  • Card art updated
  • Cards added: Darkenoid
  • Rebalanced: Cluster Bomb, Magnetron (push/pull force decreased)


  • Card art updated
  • Fixed issues with cards you can't take multiple times
  • Fixed Quantum Sponge activating after Chrome Shield without taking damage
  • Fixed GunProjectileSizePatch


  • Cards added: Buhbledow, Quantum Sponge, Stacked Cannons
  • Rebalanced: Shotja, Titan


  • Fixed Magnetron DPS and force dependency on FPS and player count
  • Optimized Cluster Bomb
  • Fixed wrong block cooldowns on all cards that increased block cooldowns
  • Rebalanced: Cluster Bomb, Magnetron


  • Cards added: Cluster Bomb
  • Fixed explosion sounds on: Disruptor, Jackhammer, Nuke


  • Cards added: Chrome Shield, Colossus, Disruptor, Field Engineer, Harden, Jackhammer, Loyalist, Magnetron, Nuke, Overcharge, Poseidon, Radar Jammer, Recycler, Rogue Nanites, Shotja, Super Triton, Titan, TML, Training


  • DO NOT USE - DOESN'T WORK! I forgot to include a BepIn dependency, fixed in v1.0.1