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Cards that commit you to a certain playstyle.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

willis81808-UnboundLib-2.6.2 icon

This is a helpful utility for ROUNDS modders aimed at simplifying common tasks.

Preferred version: 2.6.2
BepInEx-BepInExPack_ROUNDS-5.4.1100 icon

BepInEx pack for ROUNDS. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.1100
Pykess-CardChoiceSpawnUniqueCardPatch-0.1.2 icon

Patches erroneous logic in the base game CardChoice method SpawnUniqueCard

Preferred version: 0.1.2
Pykess-ModdingUtils-0.1.3 icon

Utilities aimed at making modding easier and more accessible

Preferred version: 0.1.3
TeamDK-ZeroGBulletPatch-1.0.0 icon

Fixes trajectories of zero-gravity bullets

Preferred version: 1.0.0


Some cards that push you into a certain playstyle. Current cards:

-An actual gun: Like a real gun, shoot bullet-speed bullets! Lose block to compensate.
-Copy: creates a copy of one card with stats in your hand.
-Distill: Makes two copies of a card with stats in your hand.
-DriftMines: Instead of bullets, shoot slowly drifting mines.
-Hose: Constantly sprays a dribble of weak bullets.
-LeadMagazine: Bullet go up, bullet come down. More blocks!
-Shockblast: Replaces bullets with damaging shockwaves

1.1.0 :

-Updated copying cards to provide Consolation Prizes if there's not enough cards to copy
-Rebalance hose to be less OP


-Added LeadMagazine


-Added Drift Mines
-Removed Refine, reworked Distill, pending card-removal bug resolution


-Added An actual gun
-Added zerogpatch dependency, fixes Drift Mines being slightly off target


-Added shockblast
-Nerfed actual gun - no bonus damage, increased reload time
-Reduced values on consolation prize
-Fixed hose to store excess attack speed over speed cap, reducing the impact of attack speed slows after the acquisition 

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2021-11-8 1.3.0 17 Version 1.3.0 Install
2021-11-5 1.2.0 499 Version 1.2.0 Install
2021-11-5 1.1.0 102 Version 1.1.0 Install
2021-11-4 1.0.1 83 Version 1.0.1 Install
2021-11-4 1.0.0 73 Version 1.0.0 Install