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Eases sharing of stats created by modders.

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Custom Stat Extension

Makes it easy to share custom stats between different mod creators without forcing them to add another mod as a dependency or to build a copy of the stat from the ground up.

Custom Stat Manager

This manager provides the various utilities needed for creating and utilizing custom stats.

By using CustomStatExtension.Utils.CustomStatManager.instance.RegisterStat() it's possible to register a custom stat that will automatically be transferred from a card to a player in ApplyCardStats.

In SetupCard, statModifiers.GetCustomStats().stats will access a Dictionary<string, object> of all the registered custom stats. In OnAddCard, characterStats.GetCustomStats().stats functions similarly, save that it's the current value of each custom stat on the player.



CustomStatManager instance { get; }


Static reference of the class for accessiblity purposes.


ReadOnlyDictionary<string, object> RegisteredStats { get; }


The currently registered stats and their default values.



bool RegisterStat(string name, object defaultValue, Func<object, object, object> applyStatsOperation)


Registers a stat with the Custom Stat Manager for automated usage.

Returns true if the stat is added, or false if a stat with that name existed already.


  • string name the name of the stat.
  • object defaultValue the default value that the stat is initialized with.
  • Func<object, object, object> applyStatsOperation the function run in ApplyCardStats to transfer values from the card to the player.
    • object currentValue the current value on the player.
    • object incomingValue the current value on the card.
    • object finalValue the returned value that the player is set to.

Example Usage

CustomStatExtension.Utils.CustomStatManager.instance.RegisterStat("Armor", 0f, ());

public object AddArmor(object start, object add)
    return ((float) start + (float) add);

Available versions

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